z6100 designjet top 10 issues


    TOP 10 - Repairs for the HP Designjet Z6100 

    1. Error 24:10, Ink broken bag error, if ink has leaked over Tube System pcb you need to replace Tube System as this can be result from 24:10. 42" tube System - 60" Tube System
    2. Error 86:01 same as 87:01 Encoder strip (42" Encoder 60" Encoder) getting dirty!  Encoder Strip becomes unreadable after user cleaning to many times and needs replacing. Other issues from this error code Carriage Belt worn (42" Belt 60" Belt) and Carriage Lubrication Felt dry and dirty.
    3. Blank display due to CPU fan failure and printer switching off after short time.
    4. Ink vapors build up due to service station vent holes blocking up.
    5. Vacuum path holes blocked up due to ink in the holes causes reduction in holding media down.
    6. Media Blue Handle breaking causing handle to be loose and not releasing pinch rollers.
    7. Spindle (42" Spindle 60" Spindle) end breaking on edge causing judder on spindle plus media going out of line on long print runs.
    8. Roll housing right hand side tension spring breaking causing paper loading problems.
    9. Image quality issues: Run Image Quality Test to show which printhead is not 100%.  Select the ink icon and then select Image Quality Maintenance > Printhead Diagnostics Image.
    10. Pinch roller assy: some of the rollers fall off then metal spring digs into feed roller.

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