HP Z6100 Designjet 24:10 Error Code

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    Troubleshooting system error 24:10 Broken Bag Detected

    Note: This procedure will only help if problem is just with a ink carriage just been fitted in the last 6 hours.

    The system error 24:10 is a critical error in which the printer cannot be used until has been corrected.

    Turn the printer on in Diagnostic Mode. Turn On the printer holding down Power + Cancel + DOWN buttons until you hear one beep before releasing ALL three keys. 

    Note: This could take few attempts to find correct timing on holding the buttons down, remember to hold the down key and cancel key and then hold the power button key so all 3 buttons are pressed until bleep at 5 seconds then release. Each attempt you have to wait for boot up to see if it powers up to the below diagnostics menu.

    Scroll down to “Service Special Utilities” and select OK

    Scroll down to “Bag Broken Recovery” and press OK to start the process.  

    Note: This procedure will only help if problem is just with a ink carriage just been fitted in the last 6 hours.

    The front panel will display a series of questions which you answer Yes or No depending on the status of the printer. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to select Yes/No and the OK key to confirm the selection in each case.


    Remove the Ink Cartridges and check for any ink leaking from the cartridge. In extreme cases ink
    can contaminate the ISS PCA area which will then require instalIing a new ISS PCA.
    If the message ‘Please replace one of the defective cartridges (*). The asterisk represents a
    number which will identify the failed ink cartridge.

    Number displayed Ink Cartridge Color Failed
    0 Magenta
    1 Light Magenta
    2 PhotoBlack
    3 Matt Black
    4 Yellow
    5 Light Cyan
    6 Light Gray
    7 Cyan


    • Question 1:‘Are the Tubes from the Air Pressure System (APS) to Ink Supply System (ISS) Clean?’ YES  If the tubes are clean of ink select the Yes option. However if the tubes have sections of tubing that have ink in them, select the No option and replace the Tube assembly. 


    • Question 2: ‘Do tubes from the ISS to Carriage contain visible air?’  NO  If the tubes between the ISS and the Carriage Assembly do not have air bubbles, or clear sections of ink tubes where air is present mixed with ink, select the No option. However if you can see air in them, select the Yes option and replace the SRK assembly.


    • Question 3: ‘Do you want to remove the broken bag condition?’ YES  At this question select the Yes option to clear the broken bag error.

    To finish the procedure select any key on the Front Panel and the printer will shut down.

    Insert the new Ink Cartridges into the printer and turn On the printer.

    Note: If the Tube assembly needs to be replaced, the Broken Bag Recovery procedure will still need to be performed after they have been replaced.

    If you need any more help or service please contact 1st Call 4 Service Ltd.