Trading up to a new energy efficient and more powerful printer could boost your organisations productivity and cut costs. On selected HP Designjet and Latex printers you could save up to a massive £4,000 when trading in your old large format printer?


    Make huge savings with the HP Designjet trade in programme

    Selected HP Designjet printers are part of the HP Trade in programme. When purchasing a new HP large format printer you can trade in your old printer regardless of the manufacturer with cash back values of up to £4,000.

    What is it

    It is the programme to enable you to replace your old HP Designjet or other large format printer and get a generous cash back value in the process!

    How does it work?

    HP will directly pay you for your old large format printer.

    • You can get the trade in value from the website based on what type of printer you are trading in and the new HP Designjet you are purchasing
    • Every major competitor printer manufacturer is listed
    • Your old printer must work (i.e the printer must be able to print a test page)
    • HP collects the old large format printer
    • HP pays you direct

    You will need the following information to complete the process

    • New product details
    • Invoice from 1st Call 4 Service and the contact name of who sold the new HP Designjet printer to you
    • Serial number
    • Equipment to be returned
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Measurements
    • Weight (if over 70kg it must be on a pallet, the returns number also needs to be clearly visible)
    • Bank details
    • Email address

    The old printer will be collected by HP on the date shown on the confirming email when the trade in quote is accepted. Payment into the bank account given is within 45 days of the collection of the old large format printer.

    For the very latest trade in values please click on the button below

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    Eligible Printers

    Latex 370  Latex 360  Latex 330  
           HP Latex                 HP Latex                   HP Latex
               370                          360                           330
    Latex 310  Designjet Z5400   HP Designjet Z5200
           HP Latex               HP Designjet            HP Designjet
               310                         Z5400                      Z5200

    Designjet T2500 eMFP   Designjet T2500 eMFP  HP Designjet T1500PS - 36 inch
        HP Designjet             HP Designjet            HP Designjet
      T2500PS eMFP          T2500 eMFP           T1500PS - 36"
    HP Designjet T1500 - 36 inch  HP Designjet T920PS - 36 inch  HP Designjet T920 - 36 inch
        HP Designjet            HP Designjet           HP Designjet
         T1500 - 36"            T920PS - 36"             T920 - 36"
    Designjet T830 eMFP  Designjet T730 - 36 inch  
        HP Designjet            HP Designjet           HP Designjet
        T830 eMFP               T730 - 36"                   T930
        HP Designjet T3500 Production eMFP Printer-36in (3MW)
         HP Designjet           HP Designjet          HP Designjet
             T1530                    T1530PS             T3500 eMFP
    HP DesignJet T2530PS MultiFunction Printer  HP Designjet T7200 Printer - 42in - Draft-117.5sqm/h/Quality-8.9sqm/h  HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer 42in
        HP Designjet            HP Designjet           HP Designjet
          T2530PS                    T7200                  Z6200- 42"
        HP Designjet Z6800 Photo Production Printer - 60inHP Designjet Z6600 Photo Production Printer - 60in
    HP Designjet             HP Designjet 
    Z6800- 60"                  Z6600- 60"