Service Maintenance Kit 1,2,3 Replacement for my HP Latex 570 Printer

    Q: Our printer has been making some interesting sounds lately and so I did some looking through the info on the Web Server and found this:

    Service Maintenance Kit 1 3%

    Service Maintenance Kit 2 0%

    Service Maintenance Kit 3 12%

    We just replaced the maintenance cartridge and it says it is at 100%.

    Is this something I need to be worried about?

    What do these Kits do and what are the part numbers for them?

    A: Consumable, maintenance cartridge is to maintain the Printheads, and is wear and tear, the counter is started from 100% to 0%. Once you reach 0% you need to replace that printhead or maintenance cartridge.

    BUT, service maintenance kits (SMK's) counters are from 0%-100% , and need to be replaced when they reach 100%.  contact 1st Call 4 Service once reach this message.

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