Print registration goes out on left hand side on HP Latex 360 Designjet:

    Q: I've been having some issues with my 360 for a while now. When printing the registration/clarity of the print on the right-hand side of the machine comes out perfect, on the left-hand side of the printer, it seems that the registration goes out causing a blurry print which gets worse as you get closer to the end of the print. I have tried different media, print head alignment, advance settings etc, nothing works. I think it might be within the printhead carriage that as it slows down to change direction it lifts, could this be possible? should there be any play here? Or an issue with the encoder strip?

    A:  The issue within the Trailing Cable.

    Reason why you need to replace trailing cable: 

    • Chunks of the outer core of the trailing cable breaking up allow iron filings to work loose and break open the screening letting electrical noise induced into the internal cables causing various intermittent issues.
    • Random drops of iron filings coming down onto carriage path would be the first sign of issue before print quality issue
    • Registration/Jumping/offsetting the print, this appears at random intervals and can be anything from 3mm – 10mm offset
    • Random blocks of print during print job
    • In the error log you might see 86:01 and 42:10 error codes

    A Trailing Cable is normally supplied with a Tube System only, which is within a cost of £1400.00 plus, but the "good news is, we are selling this cable on it's own" to be replaced within your existing tube system, saving you labour cost and complete Tube System replacement.

    If you are seeing the above issues or early signs, then arrange for a new Trailing Cable and engineer before any downtime happens on your HP Designjet Latex Printer!

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