Optimizer Messed Up Other Printheads on my HP latex 360 Designjet printer

    Q: My Latex 360 is having a recurring problem with the optimizer printhead leaking onto the cleaning kit and causing the other printheads to have clogged nozzles.

    The printer was working normally and suddenly print heads 2,3,6 were not working at all. All printheads are under warranty and under 50-75% and the three that stopped working all ceased at the same time. Switching the printheads only ruined the new ones we tried.

    The last time we had this problem was less than 1 months ago and we only fixed it by replacing ALL of the printheads and the cleaning kit. Now it has happened again and it all seems to be a similar problem.

    A: if you have a close investigation of the condition of the Tube System nozzles within the Carriage Assembly, you may have a leak within the Tube System and the leak accumulating Optimizer within the Carriage housing then leaking out over the Maintenance Cartridge.  The Optimizer is a chemical reaction to dry the ink hence this will block your printheads if come in contact from the cloth of the Maintenance Cartridge saturated from the leak.  This can also happen with any of the other colours which you will experience splashes of that colour ink over your print bubbling up and overflowing from Carriage assembly housing.

    The normal fix would be to replace the complete Tube System from around £1,400.00 upwards for the Part then labour cost, but the "good News is, we have a repair we can carry out with on the Tube System" which will save you considerable amount of money and no time delay waiting for parts.

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