How Can I Check the Heating Elements on HP 330 Latex Designjet Printer?

    Q: I have prints that are coming out not fully cured. I never had a problem with the media or profile that I'm using before, and I haven't changed any of the settings. I noticed the ink was still wet on the left side coming out of the printer, so I lightly touched the metal curing plate (I know, not recommended). I was able to rest my hand on there indefinitely even though the printer was set to 200 degrees. The middle and right sections of the curing zone seemed fine. I haven't had any errors come up relating to the heating elements or curing zone.

    Is there a way for me to check that all of the heating elements are fully functioning? I don't see anything related to it in the service menu, and I'm not finding much information online at all.

    A: Start off by checking your error logs for error starting with a 16.xx:xx related to the Curing system which will pinpoint which of the 4 Fan Heater Assemblies are giving the issue eg: 16.34:10

    possible and likely that you have some blocked holes in the heater that is preventing curing taking place (may be from a dusty environment).  Check your printer to see where your SMK3 % usage is, might be that you need the SMK3 service kit. if it is at 90% or more, you may want to order this kit as disassembly of the heater and cleaning it and inspection is typically a part of that service module required when replacing SMK3 anyway.  You may be able to actually see blockages in the heaters holes due to dust, this is not untypical but it's a hard angle to get to, there are angels horse hair brushes that are a part of the SMK3 that might be able to get under and clear some level of the dust from the holes temporarily, but again, if you are near the SMK3 it is best to take it all apart and clean it out properly.

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