Horizontal banding on my HP Latex 335 Designjet Printer

    Q: There are horizontal bands beginning to appear while printing grey and light cyan on our Latex 335 Printer (usage less than 1 year). Each printhead has not reached 4 liters yet since they were placed. All tests passed excellent, nozzles are working fine, no bad nozzles, color calibration shows everything is good (can't see any stripes). It can be noticed when printing long samples, like in a photo. Sometimes lines are more expressive and noticeable, sometimes less. In the test print there was 50% fill of each color. 50% Black and 50% Cyan showed this issue out. Also there is noticeable non uniform noise, at some places it is more moderate and at some - higher and larger.

    A: This could be the Media Advance out of calibration but try some different media as a test to see if you have the same issues then carry out the Media Advance calibration.
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