Cyan leaking from Carriage Assembly within HP latex L26500 Designjet printer?

    Q: HELP!  My Latex L26500 is leaking cyan ink, bubbling up and overflowing from Carriage assembly onto the Cleaning Cartridge and over print path?

    A:  The Tube System cyan nozzles within carriage assembly can leak around the seal to manifold or fractured manifold just below the printhead within the Carriage Assembly, the leak accumulating cyan ink within the Carriage housing then leaking out over the Cleaning Cartridge and print.  This can also sometimes happen with any of the other colours but cyan seems to be the common one. 

    This issue could happen to various Latex printers from L25500, L26500, L28500, Latex 115, 310.315,330,335,360,365,370,560 and 570.

    The normal fix would be to replace the complete Tube System from around £1,400.00 - £1,800.00 upwards for the Part then labour cost, but the "good News is, we have a repair we can carry out with on the Tube System" which will save you considerable amount of money and no time delay waiting for parts.


    We have also seen this same leak coming from the middle of the Tube System above the Carriage Assembly within the Tube System channel path dripping down over the Carriage Belt and Encoder strip channel path.  unfortunately once print starts leaking from this area we need to replace the Tube System

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