Been having alot of service calls recently on T920,T1500, T930, T1530, T1600, T2600 & T3500 range of printers with faulty rolls of paper.

    Issue with the inner core of the paper roll now thinner then normal causing the inner diameter of the core beginning slightly bigger:  While the printer is printing the Rewind Motor Encoder Disk monitors the advance of the Y axis print, the paper core slight slips with on the printer spindle which in turn gives a error on reading on the Rewind Motor Encoder Disk which will cut job off short and show Error Code 39.12:01 This can happen all the time or radum times.
    Some of the HP Designjets will have no encoder disk monitoring  so this will not be an issue with current stock paper supplied.
    Normal operation  of paper rolls printing within  T920,T1500, T930, T1530, T1600, T2600 & T3500:
    Paper Loading:
    Operator loading paper will be seen by Media Sensor, The Overdrive rollers will pull paper into printer measured by the Encoder disk on the Rewind Motor (Rewind Motor in ideal) which will be check by the Line Sensor for Skew in loading of paper if needed the Rewind Motor will move  the Paper Spindle backwards to take skew out of roll within printer, the OverDrive and Rewind Motor repeat until printer happy.  Paper width will be measured by Line Sensor so knows what roll size was loaded, printer will become ready.
    Paper will be pulled through the printer via Overdrive Roller, being monitored  for paper advance for accurate printing in Y axis via the Rewind Motor disk Encoder while Printhead carriage prints the data in the X axis.  If the Paper runs out of paper on the core of the roll of paper, the Rewind Motor encoder disc stops moving telling printer to stop printing hence no ink over the paper path when no paper in path keeping printer clean. output to stack monitored via OPTP sensor to complete the print job.
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