System Error Code: 16.07:03 – Curing system: warm up timeout (uniformity)

    ON: HP Latex 310,315,330,335,360,365 and 560 Designjet Printer

    Problem description:
    Ambient temperature below 15oC, Low AC Voltage Fans (Curing, Air Curtain, PZ), Curing Resistors, Curing
    Temperature Sensor, Curing Pressure Sensor.

    Corrective action:
    Service engineer:
    1. Check if the environmental ambient temperature is low. Check the surrounding temperature is within
    the printer's operating specifications; it should be higher than 15C for printer operation. If this is the
    case, increase the ambient temperature of the printer's location.
    2. Check the input voltage is outside the range of specifications for printing, see the Site Preparation
    3. Run Service "Curing system monitor.
    4. Check all Fans (Curing, Air Curtain, PZ), are rotating, and unobstructed.
    5. Reseat/Replace Curing Resistors.
    6. Reseat/Replace Curing Temperature Sensors.
    7. Reseat/Replace Curing Pressure Sensor.

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