It's time to book a service on your HP T2300 Designjet Printer

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    It's time to book a service on your HP T2300 Designjet Printer please book your appointment for a Engineer visit? (Click here)

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    At 1st Call 4 Service Ltd we know that printer downtime is simply not an option. To avoid such situation, you need to make sure your HP Designjet printer is maintained in the best possible shape to ensure business critical performance. Similar to any car that requires routine check-ups and preventive tune-ups to run smoothly, your HP Designjet production printer also needs proper maintenance to keep it operating at optimal speed and quality. By maintaining your printing equipment in top condition, you can minimize unexpected downtime and maximize printing performance, quality and consistency. With 1stCall 4 Service Ltd Preventive Maintenance Service, an HP-trained technician conducts a full health check to make sure all the parts and mechanisms of your HP Designjet equipment are in proper condition. When you depend on an expert to check, clean and update your HP Designjet equipment, you can focus on your core business with confidence that your HP Designjet product will perform as you need it, when you need it.

    Key benefits – At a glance
    • Helps improve or maintain system uptime, printing performance and image quality
    • Access to an HP-trained technician fully qualified to check and clean your HP Designjet equipment
    • Convenient service scheduling
    • Minimized use of your IT resources
    • Professional installation of firmware updates
    Service description 

    1st Call 4 Service Ltd Preventive Maintenance Service is a comprehensive, single-event support solution that helps reduce equipment downtime and maintain the quality of printed and scanned images.
    The preventive assistance is performed by an HP-trained technician in a single visit, upon your request. It includes a comprehensive check of the printer’s functions and parts, verification of self-test and printing, cleaning of the exterior and interior parts, recommendations for preemptive replacement of worn-out parts, and installation of applicable engineering improvements and firmware as needed.



    1st Call 4 Service Ltd Preventive Maintenance Service includes: 
    Preventive maintenance
    • Functional verification of the printer
    • Printer self-test
    • Key panel function test
    • Print test
    • Calibrations
    Cleaning and performance
    • Removal of debris such as paper dust and ink residues from within the print mechanism
    • Cleaning of the printer case parts
    • Cleaning of the paper path
    • Recommendations for the replacement of standard wear-and-tear components (possible part replacement not included with this services, needs to be ordered separately)
    • Check firmware and install upgrades as needed
    Benefits for your business
    • Impressive results: Fast, efficient, cost‑effective, single-event preventive maintenance conserves your staff resources and time for other important functions.
    • Minimum disruption: Technicians are trained to help keep preventive maintenance activities from impacting your business operations.
    • Quality performance: A technician makes sure your printer is clean, maintained and updated, ready for continued effective operation.
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