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    ENGINE PCA SAUSALITO 42" AND 60" - L25500 L26500

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    Engine PCA Sausalito

    mother board

    Part Number:

    Suitable For:
    HP L25500L26500 Designjet 42"/ 60" Printer


    Sausalito PCA: This board is the main controller of the printer, it is responsible for all the processes done in real-time and are the ultimate controllers of all electromechanical systems. Sausalito controls all substrate path components (Drive Roller, Spindle Motors, OMAS, etc.) and all non-substrate path components (CarriageScan Axis Motor, Drying and Curing Heaters, Print Head Cleaning Assembly, Service Station, etc).

    This PCA contains the Impact Asic that takes care of the process to drive the Burst heaters in both heating channels.  For its proper operation it needs to know when the AC is crossing the zero voltage, and this information is supplied by the Power Control PCA.

    Error Code: 01.00:10
    Problem with the Sausalito PCA

    Problem Description:
    The Sausalito PCI PCA has failed


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